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100 слов о вашем бизнесе

Sotheby’s International Realty brand is a global leader in luxury real estate throughout the world. My team http://www.elizabethwynn.com/ is specialized in luxury properties in Los Angeles, California for Chinese clientele and Southeast Asia international investors.  We provide clients with the finest personal service, discretion, and commitment. Sotheby’s International Realty has a history of record breaking sales with billions of dollars of sales each year.

Какие качества характера помогли вам стать успешным? Как вы развивали и совершенствовали в себе эти качества?

Most of my new business comes from referrals, and I differentiate myself  by the breadth and quality of the services I provide.  Gaining the trust and confidence of a client is critical to every successful relationship and transaction, and this can only be achieved through effective interpersonal skills.  Knowledge, passion, a strong work ethic, being a team player, and, above all, integrity.  If you can demonstrate these abilities you can excel in any business you do.

Наиболее эффективный способ провести свободное время с пользой это ….

I am passionate about children and animals.   As a founder of the non-profit http://togetheras1foundation.com/.  I have traveled around the world on behalf of my non-profit foundation as a spokeswomen for several charitable alliances that deliver immediate and lasting improvement to children in need in the U.S. and around the world.

When I am on the air that is when I can turn off the phones.  That kind of quiet is so rare for me; I get to relax reading a book or listen to music while making the cross-country business trip.

Ваше определение баланса в жизни и баланса между бизнесом и отдыхом?

As you know, I mostly travel all the time meeting clients.  I believe work-life balance is a state of peace where who you are and your enjoyment of your life is equal or exceeds what you do for your business.  Sotheby’s purpose is to artfully unite extraordinary properties with extraordinary lives- servicing the needs of the most prestigious clientele in the world. “Elizabeth Wynn is a stand-out agent who is dedicated to going the extra mile for her clients in every situation, in any country,” said Joseph R. Cilic, Senior Vice President & Branch Manager of Sotheby’s International Realty.

Ваше любимое место отдыха, куда вам хочется возвращаться? Почему?

My Home is my favourite leisure destination.  It is a place that I would love to come home day after day. I like to spend quality time with my family, which in turn leaves me motivated to be productive the next day.  It is a sweet spot where I can get everything done, maintain healthy relationships, a healthy mind and body.  It’s about being so totally alive in the moment that work, relationships, spirituality, mission, responsibility, and opportunity blend seamlessly into one thing: LIFE.

3 секрета успешной деловой коммуникации 1)Knowledge
3 практических совета, как контролировать стресс 1)Meditation and Practice Mindfulness
2)Yoga and Excercise
3) Reading and Listening to Music
3 наиболее важных навыка для лидера 1) Integrity
2) Never stop growing and developing
3) Courage
3 книги об успехе, которые должен прочитать каждый 1) Business Adventures by John Brooks
2 )Hard Choices by Hillary Rodham Clinton
3) Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life by Thich Nhat Hanh
3 любимых аффирмации для мотивации 1) Integrity
2) Positive, high-self-esteem
3) Passionate about what you do
В скольких странах вы побывали 58 countries around the world
Любимый отель при деловой поездке The Ritz-Carlton or Marriott Hotel Chains
Любимый отель для отдыха The Ritz Carlton
Любимый ресторан для делового ужина I always eat in the hotel where I stayed
Любимый ресторан для семейного ужина I prefer my personal chef to cook for my family at most of the events & family get together holidays.
Любимое блюдо Exotic Fruits and Organic Vegetables
Любимый напиток Any fresh fruits or tropical drinks
Любимый фрукт Passion Fruit, Dragon Fruit, Pomegranate, Mangosteen, Kiwis…I love all fruits J
Любимый цвет Yellow, Red, Pink and Black