Festivals of Thailand: Loi Krathong


Loi Krathong is one of the most charming festivals of the Thai calendar and is enjoyed in different ways all over the kingdom. Held on the evening of the 12th lunar month’s full moon, Loi Krathong originated as a way of paying respects to the water goddess for her bounty over the year. Most locals celebrate by releasing a Kratong float made of banana leaves into a nearby waterway, but fairs and celebrations are also held and the evening is a wonderful introduction to the start of Thailand’s cool season.

Sukhothai is the spiritual home of Loi Krathong and some of the biggest celebrations take place here in the famous historical park.

But Loi Krathong is celebrated nationwide and on every waterway you can see amazing krathongs being floated. If you’re in the north you may even be lucky enough to see an amazing display of khom loi fire lanterns released into the starry sky in a ceremony called Yi Peng.

Source: TAT – www.tatnews.org
Photo credit:
Tourism Authority of Thailand