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100 words about your business Ladies First Network was founded in year 2014, an event company which organising business forum, business networkings, events as well as the organiser of Mrs Malaysia Globe. Our mission is a celebration of peace, beauty, wisdom, love and with a focus on world peace and global women’s development. We serve a platform to offer loving service to women, to boost their self-confidence, to achieve self-actualisation and to enhance their competitiveness in society. Our philosophy is “Beauty With A Heart”! To encourage women to cultivate both external and internal beauty as well as to develop a loving heartland a good sense of responsibility towards family, and society, so as to achieve the ultimate goals of personal beauty, familial harmony, social stability and world peace. What qualities of character helped your to become succesful? How did you develop this qualities? I think it’s my compassion that helped me to get to where I am today, achieving successes in both my private and public life. I believe compassion is a virtue that helps you see good in other people and restores your faith in humankind, makes you more forgiving and tolerant of others, Compassion is not a trait that can develop in a short space of time and is rooted in religion, family upbringing and social interaction. The most effective way to use free time with purpose is … To be involved in acts of welfare charity and kindness to others, and to humankind as a whole. The world can be unkind and prejudiced to certain quarters of  society and I like to play a part in contributing to tilt the balance towards those who are less privileged by circumstances, age or diseases. When one is not so caught up with the rat race and demands of life, that is when one must use these moments to reflect on your own abundant life and share a part of that with a charitable heart. Your definition of balanced life, balance between business and leisure? In the modern age of living, having a balanced life is a misnomer. Juggling between family, friends, business commitments is an impossibility during these complicated times. My definition of a balanced life is not so much what others expect it to be, but rather what you do to balance your own soul, body and mind with what life throws in your direction. The balance should be what your conscience dictate it to be. Your favourite leisure destination, place you want come back over and over again? Why? Generally, I have no special leisure destination in mind because I believe it is not the destination that matters but rather the people that you meet at these destinations that makes it special. I have travelled extensively all my adult life, and found that the people of Asia are genuinely more warm and hospitable than compared with the rest of the world. So it’s no surprised that I would say Asia is my favourite leisure destination!

3 secrets of successful business communication 1) Communicate Professionally- Speak, Pause, Listen 2) Face to face Networking 3) Customer Service
3 practical tips how to manage stress 1) Take a break, go for holidays to relax our mind 2) Share your concern, talk to someone you trust 3) Listen to music or read motivational books
3 most important skills for leader 1) Ability to lead effectively 2) Ability to inspire 3) Commitment resolve and perseverance
3 mind-transforming books about success you recommend to read 1) [Ros Taylor] [The complete mind makeover: Transform Your Life and Achieve Success] 2)[Benny Zhang] [Handbook of Affirmation: Transforming Your Words Into Reality A-Z Proven Methods To Make Affirmation Works] 3)[Carol S Dweck] [Mindset: The new psychology of success]
3 favorite self-motivating affirmations 1) I am motivated and empowered by the success of others. 2) Life is beautiful, Life is fulfilling, I love my life 3) I persevere with optimism and enthusiasm
How many countries did you visit Most of the Asia countries
Favourite hotel when on business trip Ritz Carlton & Marriott
Favorite hotel for vacations Ritz Carlton & Marriott
Favourite restaurant for business dinner Not particular
Favorite restaurant for family dinner Not particular
Favorite food Asian & Western food
Favorite drink Fresh fruits juice
Favorite fruit Cherries
Favorite color All colors