Japan: briefly about Doing Business 2018


Japan is one of the leading economies of the region. Doing business in Japan: is it easy or difficult?

World Bank Group every year ranks economies of the world on their ease of doing business. The ranking for economy of Japan as to 2018 in several selected indicators are as following:

Ease of doing business: 34 (= 2017)
Starting Business: 106 (2017: = 89)
Construction permits: 50 (2017: = 60)
Paying taxes: 68 (2017: = 70)
Trading across borders: 51 (2017: = 49)

It means that in 33 countries of the world it is easier to do business, than in Japan. While in all 155 other countries of the world business formalities are considered as less favorable, comparing to Japan.

For more details and updates, please check World Bank Group – Doing Business website: www.doingbusiness.org

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