Vietnam: Nguyen Thu Huong featured in a new book “World Women Leading Change”


Along with 20 extraordinary women around the world, Mrs World Runner-up Nguyen Thu Huong was chosen as typifying face in inspiring and helping other women to develop in the book, published by the “World Women Leading Change” movement, launched on May 20 at the House of Commons, London, United Kingdom.

In marking the 150th commemoration of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi, the World Women Leading Change movement launched its first book at the height of the Mahatma Gandhi International Award celebration at the House of Commons, London, United Kingdom.

The book received enormous appreciation, praise, and interest by recipients of the Mahatma Gandhi International Award who came from various fields of expertise.

The first book of World Women Leading Change was initiated, concerted and curated by Maris Stella, an international author whose memorable book “I Love U By God” has been licensed for translation in five continents. Maris Stella is also the co-founder World Women Leading Change and the President of Education Leading Change.

This book is written with the purpose of setting these women’s stories in history. These are the women who have charted their own paths; paths that were never there before. Most of them started with humble beginnings and then grew themselves into legacies that lead change. This book will bring to light their missions, work, and programs so that they may be able to impact others on a larger scale.

Nguyen Thu Huong is the founder and operator of the Women Leaders & Business Style International Networking (WLIN – BSIN Global), General Director of Nam Huong Communications and Investment Group. Her story is an endless inspiration for young women and determined people who commit to try their best in building their own careers and contributing to women’s advancement.

Source: WLIN


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