Pascal Lefebvre: windsurfing saga de Muine


1) Muine in Vietnam has a reputation of one the best places in the world for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Is it true? Why?
Certainly among on the top five in the world and it’s well known throughout the ocean and wind sports world. Why? The seasonal winds in Muine tend to be not only stronger but more consistent than in many other destinations. In Muine there is wind but when the dunes get very hot it creates a thermal effect that accelerate the wind. Then the wind arrives from the sea and hit land behind Mui Ne this is called a venturi effect, the wind accelerates when going over land and then to the water again. In winter the wind is stronger as we are in high pressure area, in the summer the wind shift to south East as we are then in low pressure. Also, Mui Ne has a large amount of schools and centers to choose from, as well the location with many center of interest around and a great weather year round.

2) How the windsurfing in Muine was developing within last decades?

Windsurfing started with Jibe’s Beach Club and a small amount of windsurf boards and sails nearly two decades ago. Over the years a steady influx of yearly equipment purchases has enabled Jibes to have the most extensive gear collection in Mui Ne. In the meantime, other centers have also opened, each with its own clientele focus. Yearly competitions, some pro circuit events (PWA 20111) and high-level windsurfing competitors based here for the season all serve to improve the sport’s visibility and the performance levels of rider. In addition, Jibe’s windsurf school is famous for its extremely user-friendly and technical instruction in the school. This helps make the sport available to those who wish to get the experience of windsurfing independently and safely in only a few hours.

3) Leisure tourists frequently complain about sport activities on the beach and on the sea waves. The peaceful co-exhistence of active and passive vacation guests in Muine is possible?

Peaceful co-existence is definitely possible between beach users. It’s the responsibility of the ocean sporters to yield right of way to other beach users and to follow specific procedures to avoid putting them at risk. Unfortunately- the awareness and consideration level among a segment of the sports community in Mui Ne is not at this point yet but we believe that continuing education can greatly reduce the cause of these complaints.

4) Who are the Top5 nationalities coming to Muine for windsurfing?

Russia, UK, France, Germany, America as well as many other nationalites… Vietnam starting to show interest

5) How about Vietnamese enthusiasts?

Over the year some locals that work at center have become very skilled in windsurf and other sport. With A new sponsor we are trying to set up a Team Vietnam and train them to race in high level event such as Sea Games, Beach Games and why not Olympics games. The team will consist of Vietnamese athletes already practicing the sport and with the support of the sport department younger candidate that will study and learn the sport with some professional coaching.


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