Паскаль Лефебвре


100 words about your business

My business is a mix of beach resorts, restaurants, shop, watersport activities, sport event organizing and travel agent. Full Moon Village resort, Full Moon Beach resort, Jibe’s Beach Club. They are all connected together, sport events help promotes the destination and our resorts as well as the brand of equipment we import and distribute in Vietnam, at the moment looking for sponsors to host again a windsurf world cup in 2016, as well as kitesurf world cup event, as well as for a new long distance race. Our destination is perfect for world class event.

What qualities of character helped your to become succesful? How did you develop this qualities?

Perseverance, patience and passion, I believe someone need to be passionate about what they, I was trained as a Chef and always been an avid windsurfer, life made it possible for me to join the 2 in Mui Ne.

The most effective way to use free time with purpose is …

Free time is for family and leisure, often the best idea comes when not in working environment. Cooking good meal at home for loved ones is a good way to relax as well.

Your definition of balanced life, balance between business and leisure?

Our business is leisure, part of the working day is at the beach, wearing board short and practicing some watersports and making sure clients have the time of their life whil with us, those activities really allow you to empty you mind and just enjoy the moment.

Your favourite leisure destination, place you want come back over and over again? Why?

Mui Ne and around, it offers it all sea: activities, golf, great nature, laid back atmosphere, good choice of restaurant and bars, accommodation of all types for all kind of budget.

3 secrets of successful business communication 1) fast
2) accurate
3) regulerity
3 practical tips how to manage stress 1) outdoor activities
2) reading
3) slow down
3 most important skills for leader 1) Human
2) innovator
3) never quiet
3 mind-transforming books about success you recommend to read 1) Jacques Bergier and Louis Pauwels The Morning of the Magicians,
2) Henri Charrière, Papillion
3) Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell
3 favorite self-motivating affirmations 1) you can do it
2) don’t quiet, it will happen
3) don’t listen to those that try to stop you
How many countries did you visit 20+
Favourite hotel when on business trip 4 star, city center
Favorite hotel for vacations Beach resort
Favourite restaurant for business dinner La Camargue, HCMC
Favorite restaurant for family dinner Italian, Santi Matti
Favorite food Beef, cheeses
Favorite drink Good red wines, single malt whisky
Favorite fruit Custard apple
Favorite color Red