Processions of Songkran festival: Bangkok 12-15 April


The Procession of Three Kingdoms’ official opening of 2016 Songkran celebrations to be held on 10 April, at 15.00-18.00 Hrs., at the main stage of the Maha Jetsadabodin Royal Pavilion in Bangkok’s old quarters or Rattanakosin Island. The ceremony, to be presided over by Deputy Prime Minister General Thanasak Patimaprakorn, who will be accompanied by high-ranking government officials, will see colourful Songkran processions parading from the Maha Jetsadabodin Royal Pavilion, passing through Ratchadamnoen Klang Road, Ratchadamnoen Nai Road, Nha Phralan Road, and Maharaj Road to the Nagaraphirom Park near Wat Pho.

The procession shows how Songkran is an amazing part of the world’s heritage and teaches people about the Songkran festival and its seven beauty pageants. The procession is divided into three parts to tell the story of Songkran through the reigns of three of Thailand’s kings – King Rama III, King Rama V, and King Rama VII.

First procession Kingdom of Rama III: Engraving of World’s Heritage
Second procession Kingdom of Rama V: April 13, Songkran Day in Thailand
Final procession Kingdom of Rama VII: Songkran Around The World

The processions of the three kingdoms will also include mythological Thai characters from the murals of Wat Pho as costumed performers take on the guise of creatures from the Himmapan forest. There will also be seven beauty pageants. Following the three-kingdom procession, spectators will also be able to see how the different parts of Thailand celebrate Songkran with colourful parades of traditional Songkran traditions from five key regions.

Representing the North is Lampang’s Salung Luang known for its ritual of parading sacred Buddha images around the streets to bring blessings to the people. From the North-east is the procession of ‘Dok Mai’ trees from Loei. These trees are made in the grounds of local temples and decorated brightly with flowers and bells before being carried in processions through villages. From the Central Region, is a Thai-Mon cultural procession, as seen in the Ratchaburi region, which celebrates the ancient culture and traditions of Thailand’s Mon people. From the Eastern Region will be a parade of Si Maharaja Rice Stacks from Chon Buri province. These large rice towers are built to propagate the gods at New Year. Finally from the south will be a Nang Dan procession from Nakhon Si Thammarat which celebrates the three main gods of the Hindu pantheon. Ending processions will be a celebration of the bonds between the Thai and Lao people through Phra That Phanom of Nakornphanom Province and Phra That Si Ko Ta Bong of Laos.

In addition, spectators can enjoy many other activities, such as, an ancient market, Thai traditional plays, includes Lakorn Nok performances and a Royal Puppet show Wat Pho from 10 to 12 April, at 10.30-20.30 Hrs.

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