Cambodia: Sihanoukville


Sihanoukville is the premier seaside resort in Cambodia. The city was founded in 1950s and named in honor of king Norodom Sihanouk.
Sihanoukville port is the only deep water port in Cambodia.
Beautiful creamy-white sand beaches and picturesque nearby islands made Sihanoukville become premier beach destination of Cambodia. Number of international tourists was rising significantly in the last two decades.
The best season for vacation at Sihanoukville is winter season from October to April.

Expats community in Sihanoukville is quite numerous. Typical businesses for expats are mostly about hotel, restaurant, bar, diving school. Sihanoukville is also popular with Russian expats, many of them own the businesses in the Victory Hill area of town. Including real estate projects and more special as elite business school on the private Cambodian island owned by Russian businessman Sergey Polonskiy.