Thailand Royal projects: Chang Hua Man


Getting to the Project is a pleasure in itself. The road from Cha-Am winds its way into the green hills past picturesque paddies. If you really want to get into the eco-friendly spirit of the Royal Project, get on your bike and take the newly-constructed cycle path, alongside the road, that goes nearly all the way to Chang Hua Man.

Initiated in 2009 on 250 rai (99 acres) of land, the Chang Hua Man Royal Project is an experimental farm where a range of experimental crops are being tested, not only to help the local people of the Phetchaburi area, but farmers around the nation.

There are many different crops grown here with fruits including bananas, papaya, limes and pineapples; over 40 species of vegetables as well as rice and rubber. And all these crops are grown organically without chemicals – sustainability and environmental protection are a large part of all the Royal Projects.

The Chang Hua Man Royal Project takes full advantage of its position in the hills with a small wind farm to produce clean electric power. The impressive windmills can be seen from miles away and produce enough energy to power the Project with the excess being fed back into the local grid. Also a dairy farm has been added that uses free range techniques, so the Holstein Friesian cows have lots of space to wander. There are nearly 40 cows and the milk they produce can be brought in the Chang Hua Man shop and local markets.
Source: Tourism Authority of Thailand
Photo: TAT