Thailand: Bun Bang Fai Festival


This Bun Bang Fai ritual usually falls in the middle of May just before the start of rainy season and crop planting. The annual Bun Bang Fai Festival, the superstition of firing locally-made bamboo rockets towards the heavens in hopes of beckoning the rain-gods before crop season, will be taking place across local communities in northeastern Thailand with its biggest showcase appearing in Yasothon, a northeastern Thai province famous for its watermelon and jasmine rice farms.

Villagers fire homemade rockets into the country skies with the belief that their prayers for abundant rain and a bountiful harvest will be answered. What started from simple rockets made from bamboo has evolved into feats of rockets mounted on scaffolding to giant spinning wheels. Teams with the highest flying and most elaborate inventions are awarded in contests by panels of judges.

The Festival is a two-day culmination of folk dance, parading and cultural performances to the drums of rain-beating music at Yasothon’s Phaya Thaen Park, ending on the festival’s grand finale for a display of rockets shooting to attain new heights and a successful crop season in the year.

Date: 14-15 May, 2016
Venue: Phaya Thaen Park, Yasothon

Source: TAT – Tourism Authority of Thailand
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