Thailand: diving at Koh Phi Phi Islands


There are two islands in the little Phi Phi archipelago, the larger, Phi Phi Don has a number of resorts dotted around its coastline and the smaller, Phi Phi Le is accessible only on day trips.

The striking tall limestone island formations were made famous first in a James Bond film, and then by “The Beach” starring Leonardo de Caprio.

There’s so much more to discover diving Koh Phi Phi and particularly Phi Phi Le. Those limestone walls continue below the water line, and meld into coral reefs. The kind of place where you’ll find butterflies and coralfish, coral banded shrimp and porcelain crabs, and nudis and sea stars.

Most of the best diving is around Phi Phi Le. Many of the sites are close to the shear vertical wall which is itself surrounded by coral bommies. Around Maya Beach, there are some sand patches where you’ll find rays, and gullies and canyons. Some of the best snorkelling to be had is on the north western coastline of Koh Phi Phi itself.

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