Thailand: iCareBase – WLIN organised the first Goodlife Festival


The first Goodlife Festival was successfully orgnised by the iCareBase’s “Cancer prevention from the root” project and the Women Leaders International Networking (WLIN) from June 13 -15 in Phuket, Thailand.

Professor – Dr Nguyễn Khắc Thuần, psychologist – Dr Lý Thị Mai, high-ranking consultant Lý Trường Chiến, Runners-up Mrs World 2011 Nguyễn Thu Hương, family of MC Phan Anh, stage director Long Kan, Miss Sport 2012 Lại Hương Thảo, supermodel Hạ Vy, Runner-up Mrs International 2018 Loan Vương along with other 60 guests who have already tested their gene took part in the healthcare festival.

Goodlife Festival – an event within the “Cancer prevention from the root” – has provided healthcare check-up at Bangkok Hospital Phuket, one of top clinics in Asia.

Planned was a full day for healthcare advice from professional doctors, as well as psychiogists and physical experts at the most beautiful resort of Amatara in Phuket, Thailand. All guests were advised to change their lifestyle in accordance with their gene – a lifetime healthcare map – and their current lives.

“Cancer prevention from the root” is a community project on global health care, which has been successfully implemented by iCareBase in many countries around the world, with the aim of raising community awareness, about how to proactively prevent cancer and to minimise cancer-related deaths by building a healthy and positive lifestyle, based on the Human Genome Program founded by Professor, Dr. Kampon Sriwatanakul.

The program is accompanied by experts of the “Doctors under the same sun” with the aim to apply advanced gene decoding technology. The technology is capable of screening and early detecting faulty genes and cells which are at high risk of getting cancer, and from that suggesting psychological, nutritional, and lifestyle measures to achieve high prevention.

Right now, the technical project dectects 26 types of cancer and chronic diseases in men, and 27 types of cancer and chronic diseases in women.

More information is available:
Hotline: 090 661 29 79


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