Thailand: no smoking


Tourists visiting Thailand are to refrain from smoking in prohibited public areas. TAT informed  7 January, 2016 – Thailand is campaigning for the general public and tourists to refrain from smoking in prohibited public areas, as part of its Tobacco Control Law, which aims to promote a safe, clean and smoke-free environment.

Under the campaign, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports is working closely with tour companies and guides to seek cooperation from tourists to refrain from smoking in prohibited areas, especially at sports complexes and tourist attractions nationwide.

Outdoor places where smoking is prohibited include facilities for exercise, sports training, sports playing, and sports competitions of every kind, public parks, zoological parks, amusement parks, children’s playgrounds, and markets. Tourists travelling with guided tour groups are required to strictly follow this new rule and regulation.

Thailand became a party to the World Health Organisation Framework Convention on Tobacco Control on 27 February, 2005. Since then, the country has banned smoking in almost all indoor public places, indoor workplaces, and public transport.

However, international airports may have designated smoking areas and hotels may permit smoking in guest rooms. Non-air conditioned facilities serving food and/or drinks are smoke free only in the areas where food and/or drinks are served.

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