Vietnam 100 years ago: Hoan Kiem legend as it was told in 1890s


The lake awakens recollections greatly prized by the Annamites, those of the independence which they won by their victory over the Chinese. The legend attaching to the lake of the great sword (Hoam-Kiem-ho) is that in 1418, when Annam was under the Chinese yoke, a fisherman, Le-loi, having
past his nets into the lake, drew out a long sword.

Taking this to be a presage from heaven, he got up a rising against the Chinese, who, after ten years’ struggle, abandoned Annam, The liberator, having been crowned king by his companions, decided that a sacrifice should be made to thank the gods for their goodness.

The preparations for this sacrifice having been completed, the sword which had guided them to victory was carried with great pomp to the shore, but the ceremony had barely begun when the sword leapt from its scabbard and changed into a dragon, which at once leapt in the water and was seen no more. This was at once recognised to be the genius of the lake and a pagoda was built in his honour.

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Vietnam 100 years ago: Hoan Kiem legend as it was told in 1890s

Text: Prince Henri d’Orléans (1867-1901)
Around Tonkin and Siam
Publication date: 1894
Publisher: London, Chapman & Hall
Photo: old photo from internet


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