Vietnam: 67,262 visitors from USA in January 2017


For the first time in recent years the structure of TOP3 international arrivals to Vietnam changed. Traditionally there were China, Korea, Japan. In January 2017 Japan out from TOP3, replaced by visitors from USA.

Number of visitors from USA to Vietnam in January 2017 reached 67.262 arrivals. It is a third line in arrival records after visitors from China (247,621 arrivals) and Korea (171,932 arrivals).

For many years, the 3rd line in the list was “reserved” for Japanese visitors, but in January 2017, increasing arrivals from USA broke this trio.

International visitors to Viet Nam in January 2017 reached 1,007,238 arrivals. For the first time in the history of national tourism industry statistic records, Vietnam got more than 1 million international arrivals.

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