Vietnam: The Honor ceremony TOP50 Power of Women


The honor ceremony of Top 50 The power of women 2017 was celebrated successfully on December 10th, 2017 at Ben Thanh theatre, Ho Chi Minh city.

The power of women 2017 made a strong impression on everybody because of talent, beauty, and humanity of women leaders belonging to international network (WLIN) in Vietnam.

It is an annual activity which is implemented by Women Leaders International Network (WLIN) in Vietnam in cooperation with Pro Image Academy and Nam Huong Media & Events under the coordination of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry – VCCI.

The third times the program was celebrated and received many supports from domestic and foreign women leaders community. Through this program, women power is enhanced more and more and respected in the proper way.

In the process of today’s economic integration, “The Power of Women” once again recognized women leaders’talent when taking responsibility for equal work in the society like men but they still take care of family in the good way, stimultaneously, they also know how to build personal image and positively attend community activities to bring good values to themselves, family and the society.

Women Leaders from “The power of women” always spread positive images to pass inspiration to everbody to be more beautiful – more successful – happier. In addition, the program contributes to introduce Vietnam women which are beautiful, talented, intelligent to the world.

“The power of women brought opportunies to meet domestic and foreign leaders in order to help us have more new relations and learn about much more knowledge to develop business. After honoring in The Power of Women, I not only felt proud onstage, but also I considered that the important thing was the confidence on skills, knowledge with deep connections. This is the most valuable thing that each woman can develop itself, work, especially spread its influence to contribute more to the society and community” – shared by Ms Phan Thi Ngoc Nga who is General Director of Ngoc Nga contruction, decoration and materials company limited, was honored “The Power of Women 2015”.

With the target to create more interesting and useful activities for women leaders, WLIN Vietnam celebrated more events to connect business such as: Women Leaders Forum Hanoi, “The power of women, who are they?” in HCM city,… Each event gathered over 300 Vietnamese and international women leaders.

The honor ceremony of “Top 50 The power of women 2017” is an event giving a sincere thank to contribution of women leaders belonging to WLIN during the year. Individuals who have positive activities in business and contribute to the development of the network with doing enthusiastically community activities will be honored on December 10th. They are people who pass inspiration, strength to the other members. This is also the especial gift that WLIN Vietnam want to send to women leaders who dare do business, change and dare accept failures.

About WLIN Vietnam
It was established 5 years ago by 1st runner up Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong, with the target is to connect women together to learn about each other, develop themselves and cooperate to grow business, encourage and support each other to overcome difficult stages in life. Helping women is to be more beautiful, more successful and happier.

After 5 years of devemopment, WLIN Vietnam has had 10 clubs with over 600 members living across the country. Each WLIN member is an ambassador spreading messages to be more beautiful – more successful and happier.
The power of women – for future generations.The Power of Women not only honors the beauty of women, but also it aims to the young generations who are future leaders because those will inherit good values of women leaders. In the honor ceremony, two children belonging to Prince & Princess Academy were honored “Prince & Princess of the Night”.

This is an encouragement for the future generations to make those children try their best, stimultaneously, this is recognition to women leaders who are mothers and can complete all the things including work and family.

The honor ceremony of Top 50 The power of women 2017 was celebrated successfully and made a strong impression to the public in general and women leaders community in particular. This is an important stage in the operation process of women leaders as well as a motivation is to make women more beautiful, more successful, and happier in their career and in life.

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Text & photo: WLIN


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