Vietnam: the story behind street names


From North to South many cities, towns and villages of Vietnam have streets with same names. Street naming in Vietnam is usually inspired from important events and people in Vietnamese history.

Lac Long Quan street and Au Co street are usually located nearby. Names are taken from the legendary history of Vietnam: Lac Long Quan and Au Co, the Dragon and Fairy, are the sacred ancestors of the Vietnamese nation.

Hai Ba Trung street, Ba Trieu Street, Hung Vuong street. Names are taken from the very early times of Viet nation. “Hung Vuong” is a dinasty of 18 kings “vua Hung”, who ruled the country in ancient times. Hung is a dynasty name. Vuong means “The king, or the ruler”. Hai Ba Trung are Two honorable sisters Trung, ladies-warriors. Ba Trieu also was a ruler and lady-warrior.

Nguyen Du street: Nguyen Du was a famous poet, who wrote a poem “Kieu”, 3254 poetry lines long. Nguyen Binh Khiem, also was a prominent poet and thinker of Vietnam.

Old quarters in Hanoi, and the most famous “The 36 old streets”, are located near the legendary Hoan Kiem lake. In old quarters names of the streets originated from the specific trades and crafts that dominated on this street: Silk street, Silversmith’s street, street of Ritual items.

Some streets in Vietnam are named after foreigners, whose works are considered of a special importance for the Vietnamese nation. An Alexander de Rodes street was named after a person, who applied letters of the Latin alphabet for Vietnamese languages. Pasteur street. Yersin street. Calmette street. All are named after doctors and researchers. Read this story for more details: Vietnam 100 years ago: Dr. Yersin and Pasteur Institute of Nha Trang

Text and photo: Daria Mishukova


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