Vietnam: traditional sweets


Many traditional sweets and candies of Vietnam are made from beans, rice, preserved or candied fruits and vegetables. The last in Vietnamese language are named shortly “Mứt”.

“Mứt” is literally translated Jam, but it is really not exactly that sort of jam that is served on breakfast. Vietnamese “Mứt” is a kind of fruit candy. Homemade or factory made.

Some varieties of “Mứt” posess very special taste, which can be enjoyed only by native Vietnamese, but hardly could be appreciated by foreigners.

Before “Mứt” were cooked and sold mostly on occasion of Tet – Lunar New Year holidays. Packed in a lovely red color box, this sweet candies is “must-have” in every house to please elderies and bring joy to children on Tet celebrations. Nowadays Mứt are avaliable all year round.

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