WLIN Vietnam: domestic development and global connectivity


Digital technology will bring Onasa domestic development and global connectivity – that is the sharing of Ms. Khuat Anh Tuyet – Founder of Onasa brand – Chairman of the Board of directors of Tuyet Quynh Cosmetic Medicine, Joint Stock Company ahead of the Women Leader’s Digital Start-up Event on April 12, 2018 at The Adora Luxury.

In this event, she hopes to bring Onasa to grow rapidly, sharply and to widely spread in both domestic and international markets.

As you known, on April 12th, the launch event of the new products of Onasa cosmetics and the Women Leader’s Startup Digital technology seminar with Onasa will take place in Ho Chi Minh City. So can you reveal some information about this special program?

This is the opening event that marks not only a new development of Onasa in 2018 but also the strategic cooperation between Nam Huong Media and Tuyet Quynh Cosmetic Medicine, Joint Stock Company. The seminar will bring business opportunities to all members of the Women Leaders’ International Networking as well as consumers who love products through technology.

This is the means and the connection by which manufacturers and agents find consumers faster and more efficiently without the cost of operating or renting warehouses and yards.

Onasa is already familiar with northern consumers. Does this event mark the Southern ones as well as the development in the overseas community of this prestigious and high brand?

In 2017, Onasa held the “Snow White Festival” which had a great mark after 19 years of operation with the conference on health and anti-aging skin along with the guests such as Professor, Lecturer Nguyen Lan Dung; Historian, Member of the National Assembly Duong Trung Quoc; Professor – Dr. Vu Hoan is also the President of the Union of Science and Technology Association, the poet Tran Dang Khoa, musician Le Minh and more than 500 invited guests from the northern systems.

The great success of the event has also been a big hit that spreads the message of efficiency and great value of the Onasa product line.

In the south market, many partners and customers have to fly from Saigon to Hanoi to learn about Onasa. Therefore our company has headquartered in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City so the cooperation of brand development can be more convenient.

Back to Onasa, this brand has a history of nearly 20 years with outstanding quality, known by thousands of Vietnamese consumers, so why do you choose this year 2018 to launch the new generation’s product line?

In 2018, for 2 decades, the scientists and company executives were delighted with the success of the study, from the herbal essence of neutron oxidation and new cell regeneration by nanotechnology which size is much smaller than 2000 – 1000000 the size of the pores 1000000 the size of the pores, distinct from all the existing cosmetics line in the market.

In addition, the new generation of Onasa has the most sophisticated means of lymphatic drainage in the most sophisticated way. When using Onasa, the osmosis process produces a mild sensation of light pink or itch when the active ingredients in the skin containing toxins, this happens very quickly and absolutely safe, even the most sensitive skin can recognize the effect of white bright skin after 2 to 7 days using a full set of 5 strong products of Onasa. To retail customers, we are also confident of the superior product performance.

Nowadays many companies succeed from using of the power of technology. Is that why you and Nam Huong inspired by this particularly useful topic?

We are stepping into an era which operates without borders by digital technology. Large organizations recommend that: Not strong or weak but fast or slow.

We go through periods of low investment, low efficiency and still, we have grown like speed thanks to 4.0. Nam Huong is a unit with the same vision and orientation, so we signed a long-term sustainable development contract with the desire to help women start their business with Onasa product line integrating digital technology with small capital, which achieves the highest efficiency.

So basically at the Startup digital technology seminar with Onasa, what are the advantages of business by technology that customers and partners can enjoy?
Customers only need to spend 50 million initial capital to enjoy 30% + 5 million cash to buy any product of Onasa, moreover, they also receive the Pro Image Onasa course, which helps to develop the brand and personal brand professionally.

In 2018, Onasa with the cooperation of Nam Huong Media & Event will develop strongly in the country and expand to foreign markets. What do you think about this open market in the future?

Onasa always focuses on quality and is oriented from 2017 to 2020 to serve 30,000 domestic and international customers.

According to Onasa statistics, one user of Onasa after 3 months will introduce it to 5-10 new customers from their colleagues and relatives. So right now we have seen that we need to train 300 more teaching assistants and 2,000 trainees in the globalization campaign, bringing flawless beauty to 30,000 women around the world. Onasa is ready to welcome and serve customers more professionally.

Wishing Onasa and the Women Leader’s Startup digital technology seminar all great success.

Text, photo:
Nam Huong Group


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